Our Mission

Combplex began as an interdisciplinary research project in 2017 between two Cornell PhD students: Hailey, a honey bee researcher with contagious enthusiasm convinced Nathan, a data scientist with a background in electrical engineering, to apply his skills in honey bee health and behavior. Cornell’s E-lab program and the National Science Foundation Innovation Corps (I-Corps) pulled the “wouldn’t it be neat” academic idea into an innovative ag-tech startup. Together, they are leveraging their unique skill sets and perspectives to solve the biggest problems in beekeeping for beekeepers all across the U.S.

Today, Combplex is disrupting the beekeeping and pollination industries and is committed to bringing the benefits of precision agriculture and cutting-edge honey bee science to commercial beekeepers world-wide.  Our ultimate goal is to increase U.S. agricultural sustainability by using technological innovation and market creation to align the financial incentives of crop farmers and commercial pollinators in industrial agricultural settings, leading to a healthier, greener, and more productive environment for all.

Learn more by watching co-founder Hailey's winning pitch at the Cornell Summit 2017 student pitch competition.

Join Us! 

Please contact Hailey or Nathan if you are interested in joining Combplex.  We are actively seeking individuals with hardware engineering, business, or marketing experience. Don't have those skill sets but want to help?? Contact us anyway!